Silicon Streets

New Beginnings
Session 1: The Sessioning

After popping into Gramp’s Pizza for dinner, Yorik, Roger and Damien met up with MacKenzie (the delivery boy) and ate while MacKenzie waited for something to do (it was a slow night). An unknown suit came in, offering a large reward for a man by the name of Yorik. After talking with Gramps and trying (unsuccessfully) to sell a drunkard off as Yorik the crew found Gramps to have a few connections and headed off to safe houses for the next night. After receiving a call from the suits putting pressure on the group to give Yorik over, a plan was created to keep him away from them. After a meeting in the strip club a firefight ensued, leaving MacKenzie almost dead and showing a possible change in his body (he should have been dead but wasn’t), as well as Yorik also almost dying, the group defeated the suits. The tracking cyberware was removed form Yorik and equipment and money was taken from the corpses.


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