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  • Steel Canyons

    Steel Canyons are cities owned and operated by multiple corporations. They are places of work, residence and commerce and are where all shopping centers are located. Steel Canyons make up the larger [[Sprawl|Sprawls]] which often have multiple zones of …

  • Sprawl

    A Sprawl is a massive metropolitan area made up of multiple [[Steel Canyons]], [[arcology|Arcologies]] and [[Slum|Slums]].

  • arcology

    An Arcology is a massive building owned by a single company which holds offices, research and development centers, health care facilities, living quarters, shopping centers, entertainment facilities, security facilities, maintenance facilities and all …

  • sarariman

    A sarariman is a corporate peon. The word derives from japaization of "salary - man". See also: [[corpse]], [[corp slave|corp-slave]]

  • Cyberpunk Slang

    KEY vulg. = vulgar
    (jap) = Japanese or "Japlish" loanword
    v. = verb
    adj. = adjective
    n. = noun

    • Angel - n. A benefactor, especially an unknown one.
    • Arc - n. An arcology.